Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Visible Light Paths

Visible Light Paths
View spot light beams as if shining in a hazy room.

This feature creates a transparent lamp beam with a pattern to emulate light passing through a smoky or foggy room.

You can define a visible light beam on the spot-light creation wizard.

Lighting Channels

Adjust groups of light with slider bars
Lighting Channels is an important new feature of IRender nXt which lets you quickly adjust light sources. By assigning channels to sun, sky, and groups of lights, you can quickly adjust the intensity of each channel with a slidebar and immediately see the effect on the final rendering.

You can quickly adjust the intensity of each channel with a slide bar and immediately see the effect on the final rendering. This will saves time both in determining the relative intensities to use for light sources and in fine tuning the final image before publication.

In Version 3.5, Lighting Channels are integrated into the Batch Renderer, as well as used separately with the nXt Image Editor.

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Auto Reflection for renderings

Auto Reflection

Auto Reflection makes materials with words like metal or plastic in them reflective based on the words in the material name - without having to set material properties for each material individually.
This can make it easier to get photo realistic results from models - especially models with components in them which use materials which you did not create or define - without having to spend time to set basic reflection, or other material properties on each the materials.

For example, you can specify that all materials with the word "steel" in them should be 90% reflective and metallic.

Any materials with the matching words in them, and for which you have not already set specific material properties, will get the properties from the Auto Reflection Wizard.
(If you do set material properties your self for a material, those settings will override the Auto Material settings.)

Auto Reflection is included in the latest version of IRender nXt, ArielVision and the 3D Design Studio 
  • See: Auto Reflection

Friday, December 5, 2014

Soft and harsh Sun Shadows

Most clients are looking for softer shadows - especially for exterior scenes.

Today a client want to know how to make the shadows more defined.

Both of these conditions are determined by the amount of sky used to illuminate things, and by the amount of cloudiness.

Soft Sun Shadows

There are several things which effect the softness of shadows from the sun.


If the Sky is turned on, or turned on for illumination even when off, then light from the sky will soften the shadows from the sun.


Even with no sky, the Cloudiness Setting will make the shadows software by adding a cloudy effect.
Sun, Sky and Cloudiness settings

Default for Sun, Sky and Cloudiness

Sky turned off - Cloudiness still at 20

No sky or clouds

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soft Shadows

We had an enquiry from a client:

Do you have an example of the "soft" render to check out?"
Are you referring to Sketchy Shadows or Soft Shadows?

Soft Shadows is done entire from SketchUp by merging SketchUp images with the sun in different positions

Sketchy Shadows places a SketchUp texture on all surfaces and then grabs the shadows on these surfaces

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Warning when stopping or closing rendering

A user sent us a suggestion:

I have a suggestion for a program modification if its possible.  When I am rendering and I hit the change settings button it brings up an error message.  On the other hand, if I hit the stop button once, there is sometimes a lag before the computer will acknowledge that you have asked it to stop after the current pass is complete.  I often make the mistake of assuming my first click didn’t register and hit it again, stopping mid pass.  Likewise, I just spent 2 hours rendering 2 passes on a model and accidently clicked the X on the wrong window and closed my IRender program, losing all my work. 

It would be nice if there was a “Are you sure you want to Close/Stop Rendering?” prompt before completing these commands.

 So we added this feature for the next version:


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Using ArielVision for Kitchen Renderings

We received a query from a client who wanted to us ArielVision to render Kitchens,

 We pointed out that ArielVision should be perfect for simple renderings of Kitchens.

One of our partners, Mozaik, specializes in using ArielVision for the kitchen renderings.

Take a look: